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Each year British Swimming undertakes an analysis of the performance data from the British Summer Championships. This analysis is intended to unearth themes and trends that are starting to emerge.
British Summer Championships 2017

  • Of those 53 clubs only 6 (11%) have achieved positive progression in every year. These are: Basildon Phoenix, City of Birmingham, City of Newport, City of Sheffield, Millfield and Thanet.
  • Conversely 12 (23%) of these 53 clubs have regressed in each of the past three years, not registering a positive progression in any of the past three British Summer Championships.
  • The largest group from the 53 clubs are those that have achieved one year of positive progression and two years of regression, which equates to 21 clubs (40%).
  • There are 24 clubs that have qualified 5 or more swimmers in only one of the past 3 years: * There are 53 clubs who have qualified 5 or more swimmers in each of 3 years since we have been collecting data (2015, 2016, 2017).p. There were 74 clubs who had 5 or more swimmers compete at the meet
  • 22 Clubs (30%) were able to produce an overall progression of their athlete’s times when compared to the Qualifying Window
  • The remaining 52 clubs (70%) saw a general regression in the performance of their athletes when compared to the Qualifying Window
  • The best performing club improved on average 1.18% across every swimmer in event individual Olympic event, whilst the worst performing club had an average progression of 1.71%
  • When looking at the overall data from three years, there are some worrying trends, in particular the overall progression/regression rate has fallen in both 2016 and then again 2017

16 of these 24 clubs (67%) regressed in their single appearance at British Summer Championships so far. *

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Day 1 saw some very good swims by the City of Birmingham swimmers. #COBMashit

Birmingham’s first Olympic-length swimming pool is to finally open next month – a year behind schedule.
The 50 metre pool was due to open last summer but will now throw open its doors on May 22.
It will be part of the new £55 million University of Birmingham Sport and Fitness Centre.
If Birmingham is chosen to host the Commonwealth Games in 2022, the centre is expected to host some of the events.
As well as the city’s first 50 metre pool, the centre will house a state-of-the-art gym, five studios for classes, a squash court complex, a large multi-sports arena and a climbing wall.
It will replace the existing Munrow Centre which will close on May 19 and all members transfer over to the new one.
The new centre will be open to students, staff and local people.
Although the pool is 50 metres in length, a lot of the time it will be divided into two 25 metre pools so it can be used by more people.